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Try one of our delicious smoothies, protein shakes, refreshers or detoxes, and add one of our supplements to any order: Protein, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Fat Burner, Energizer, B12, Spirulina & Peanut Butter


Nutritional Benefits

Sea Moss: supports healthy immune systems, improves metabolism, improves skin, hair and nails, promotes food digestion

Wheatgrass: helps eliminates toxins, boosts metabolism, helps lower cholesterol, boosts your immune system, increased energy

Turmeric: helps lower cholesterol, eases inflammation, improves IBS


Spirulina: improves gut health, lowers cholesterol, boosts

metabolism, helps flush toxins, helps fight allergies 

Flax Seeds: helps lower cholesterol, helps lower 

blood pressure, high-quality protein 

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